Ever since I was little, I have created things. Over the years, I have had a few different clothing lines, but it is not until last summer, 2010 that I realized it was kind of now or never.

That decision was a great one, and in one year I have participated in a few markets, on the radio and on the web. This is the start.

Right now I’m spending my time working from home, seeing where I can bring this too. HILDEBRANDT started off only making clothing for women, but this fall a small accessories line is slowly being built. Colorful bracelets, smart traveling accessories as well as a few things to brighten up your day and home.

One I’d love to run my own shop, but until then – I am happy to be online on a few spots.

For international buyers, I suggest Etsy.

Scandinavian ones – Epla

And Czech ones – Fler

My own website, hildebrandt.cz is at the moment being reconstructed – but soon you’ll be able to read what’s going on in the HILDEBRANDT world, shop and just keep up to date with markets and shows.



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