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day 6!

Day 6 – Books

One of my favorite books from the designer Wendy Mullin – Built by Wendy. 

I worked in a bookstore a few years back, which was something I really enjoyed. I’ve always been a reader and I love books so it was a great experience. However life, love and university kinda sneaked in and ended it.

24 hours

brunch at home, french toast made with whole grain toast served with bananas and apple. SO good.

went to the fabric store, spent a long time browsing and changed my mind when it was mine turn. very pleased with my choices and this is the first product. I want a pair break at Globe which turned into beer drinking and then dinner. A place around the corner which we have never been to and now tried. Was very happy with the fish burger I had. Afterwards we stopped by Globe again, I found 5 books I want to buy and read.

someone’s popular… today – iPad case and press. Now, soup and etsy work!


ho! ho! ho!

I am working on a flyer for a Christmas workshop I am holding in the end of the month, and after googleing a few pictures, I am a little bit in Christmas mood…The cutest Charlie Brown

I kinda want to decorate a little bit now, but I think I’ll wait a week or 7 before doing so.

What are your favorite thing about Christmas? After living abroad for so long (and not being a child anymore..) I have to say just being together with my family is THE best.

For those interested, the workshop will be held November 26th and December 10th from 10-2 or 2:30-6:30 and we will make decorations and gifts. I’m looking forward to it, it should be a lot of fun!



hello and good morning!

This morning started early  and I watched the sun go up over the roof tops for a second long enough to snap a picture for you guys!

Last night when I was about to sleep I got so many good ideas, and I use the Iphones notes application to get them down so that I don’t forget them. I am launching my new website on November 1st, and I still have plenty to do, so I was happy that I figured out a few big changes last night. I am also adding at least one new item every day for a month now(!) on my etsy shop, so make sure you check it out!

Oh and yes – I am working on a new header and a few other changes around here. Have a great Monday, do you have any nice plans for the week?

Sunday, lovely Sunday!

here’s a little detail from what I wore today.My fellow Code:mode partner, Tereza makes these super cute jewelery out of paper (!!) and after our first weekend she gave me these as a thank you. I absolutely love them, and I think they are a great accessory to a black outfit.

Tereza’s work you can find here!

The rest looked something like this……and then Mattia, whom I met up with at Globe! Very nice Sunday, I must say! How was your weekend?

office space

I’m lucky enough to have three different places to work from. As I work from home it is really great. Computer work usually gets done at the kitchen table or from the couch. Sewing is in the living room and cutting fabric from the kitchen table as well. It’s great with a few spaces to alternate between, as I work on different projects all the time and need to switch once in a while. Make a inspirational board with project ideas and things that motivate you. Or simply just pretty things that you like looking at.

To stay focused I find it important to keep myself organized – everything is so much easier if you can find what you are looking for right away.

A comfortable chair is also a must!

Some nice books to browse when you want to take a break or just get some new ideas. Maybe while having some nice warm tea now when its chilly outside?!

pic 1&3 pic 2