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we’ll always have Paris


I was going through my pictures the other day and found these! I realized I haven’t shown them to you yet, and love them…

Perfumes at Sephora

….ah Paris! Have you ever been? If not – go!

(also, if you haven’t watched Casablanca – that’s another must!)

oh wont you please take me home?

I spent just over one week in my hometown Stockholm. The week started with birthday party for my older sister. She baked a cake called Pavlova , which was very good. (According to her it wasn’t so hard, but our mom was very impressed. I just ate..)  I made cake pops, both “normal” and gluten free. Meatballs, some little at the time, soon to be 6 year old called them.

As I still had some school work to finish up before graduation, I spent some very long days in this little house, the library. Its a really nice building, and it has a lot of nice room.

One of the best things about being home, is after work coffee with mom. I met her at the train station (commuter train right to Södermalm!) and we went to what I call new, but its actually been around for over a year – Johan & Nyström. Totally coffee geeks, great coffee, super nice staff and true Stockholm prices.

I went for a cappuccino (no, I never change..) and mom tried some drip coffee, hard to describe..

But it looked really cool and was very tasty.

Another day I met up with a bored doctor to be, and we went for coffee, sat outside in the sun, at the same time as the rain was pouring down.. Weird, and yet it happened twice during my trip…

What doctors to be study…Another night I went to Vapiano with Annika. In Berlin earlier this year, J and I lived across the street from one, which we… uhm…. didn’t care for. Anyways, I heard a lot of good things about it, so I wanted to try.

Well. The guy who made my food couldn’t really answer my questions about the sauces, but what I had (spaghetti & pesto) was tasty.

Saturday I left the city and headed north to visit some good friends for lunch.

…and in the evening I hung out with the groom at Berns Bistro, and listened to a great band!

The day after it was a 2km flea market in a suburb! One girl sold these, I so wanted one, but considering I was going to Paris afterwards, and my suitcase was already completely full, its better to wait..

…but aren’t they just gorgeous?
Afterwards, mom and I went to see an exhibition where one of Sweden’s biggest couture fashion designers are showing his work. His name is Lars Wallin, and except a ton of cool dresses, he has also collaborated with the famous shoe brand Rizzo, a Swedish butter company (!)Boat and then tram to Waldemarsudde


Afterwards we went for coffee and danish’s (or wienerbröd as we call them…). Then we took the boat back to the center, where we could spot the new roller coaster at Gröna Lund (I almost barfed just looking at it, hua!)Then I took the bus over to my sister’s, played wii with my nephew and hung out for a while. It was such a great week, and I think the best part is that we both are going back in only 9 days!