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24 hours

brunch at home, french toast made with whole grain toast served with bananas and apple. SO good.

went to the fabric store, spent a long time browsing and changed my mind when it was mine turn. very pleased with my choices and this is the first product. I want a pair break at Globe which turned into beer drinking and then dinner. A place around the corner which we have never been to and now tried. Was very happy with the fish burger I had. Afterwards we stopped by Globe again, I found 5 books I want to buy and read.

someone’s popular… today – iPad case and press. Now, soup and etsy work!


Sunday, lovely Sunday!

here’s a little detail from what I wore today.My fellow Code:mode partner, Tereza makes these super cute jewelery out of paper (!!) and after our first weekend she gave me these as a thank you. I absolutely love them, and I think they are a great accessory to a black outfit.

Tereza’s work you can find here!

The rest looked something like this……and then Mattia, whom I met up with at Globe! Very nice Sunday, I must say! How was your weekend?

its time for jam, bracelets and a new shower

Today I’ve had the flat full of handyman’s.. A few things needed to be fixed in both the bathroom as well as in the kitchen. One drawer fell apart totally one day when opening it and we have had problems with our water boiler from times to times, but now it was… Well. unpleasant to say the least!
So. I was prepared for a day at home, as they were supposed to show up between 12-16. Well, shortly after nine the door bell rang and in walks two big Czechs whom are here to fix the things.

I’ve been sitting in the kitchen working all day, and I have gotten so much done! I’ve updated my etsy account with some new items, put up a few ads on a Swedish version of Ebay (I’m cleaning out my closet…), I’ve updated the Czech version of Etsy, called Fler, as well as a few items on a Scandinavian version. All are found in my previous post! I have also made a new braceletJust like the ocean!

Well, all these things might not sound like such big deals to you guys, but they are pretty time consuming and we all know that social media needs to be kept up to date in order to be anything worth, so I spent some time on the facebook page as well, join it for our latest news!

I have also cooked red currant jam, as I’ve started to eat pancakes all the time.. When in Stockholm, at different days my niece and nephew went on excursions and I made pancakes for them for lunch, so I guess its from that I got a big taste for it!

I love productive days, not only for the obvious(you get a lot done..) but also because then in the evening, I feel like I can relax and do something fun. Although, I have a few ideas I want to work on, so… If I know myself, I know I’ll spend a great deal in front of the computer anyways. Also gonna make some cupcakes, so see – there’s my relaxing part!

Something else I’ve worked on today…

What did you do today and what are your favorite things to do in the evening? I’d love to hear!