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one afternoon

Walking home the other day and Prague looked like this. My camera did not quite get the great pink sky, but here’s what came out.

My book covers are now for sale at The Globe

…what’s also for sale there are these note books and tonight I was lucky enough to meet the creative mind behind them. Obviously this is my favorite.













24 hours

brunch at home, french toast made with whole grain toast served with bananas and apple. SO good.

went to the fabric store, spent a long time browsing and changed my mind when it was mine turn. very pleased with my choices and this is the first product. I want a pair break at Globe which turned into beer drinking and then dinner. A place around the corner which we have never been to and now tried. Was very happy with the fish burger I had. Afterwards we stopped by Globe again, I found 5 books I want to buy and read.

someone’s popular… today – iPad case and press. Now, soup and etsy work!



I went as a cat (in Swedish it was Pelle Svanslös…) to Globe’s Halloween party last night. Such fun! My very talented friend Brian took this (and many other) great pics.

In a few days I am planning on re-launching my website, so please be patient with not so many blog posts within the next couple of days. Also working hard with my etsy shop, Christmas is right around the corner in the Etsy world :)


oh. my!

Started the day early and I’ve been on a crazy roll ALL DAY! Its great, I love it! Work, work, work – I love seeing where it all leads.

Now I am “relaxing” a bit (moved to the couch..). Another collaboration post coming up tomorrow! Have a lovely evening my dears!