btw and seriously???

Late last night before going to bed I checked my mail and found one from myself. A little odd, but I didn’t think too much about it.

This morning, opening my computer skype instantly pops up and its my friend telling me she thinks my account has been hacked. So. I check my other mail, the one I don’t use anymore. Let’s just say that the words “sex” and my whole address book was included. This is an account I’ve had for 10 years or so, so you can imagine the damage that was done. Ok, so these days, most people knows spam mail and being hacked and what not, so if you get an email from a friend recommending you to “check out this sexy website” or so, you kinda know its a hacker.

But when it happens, and you realize that everyone includes your professor, your old employers as well as all your friends. (honestly, the friend part I’m not so worried about). I kinda felt sick. I sent an apologetic e-mail, changed my password to something I’ll never remember and closed down the window, hoping it all would go away. Its Saturday, so I’m sure a lot of people won’t check their e-mails until Monday, and I know it wasn’t my fault, and its not like I did it on purpose, but still.

After this mess, I decided to make pancakes. Half of them burnt and the flat was full of smoke, and I blew out the lamp above the stove. One of those tricky ones.

So. good night and goodbye. for now.


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