I will survive

All of a sudden its dark earlier and sometimes I start the days with switching on the lights. Sad. I already miss summer. Fall and especially winter is a hard time for many, and growing up in Sweden made me used to long and dark winters. But used to is far from liking. To survive this not always so pleasant 6 months we have ahead of us, I have a few tips. Or at least I have a few things I’ll start with this year, to keep it a little bit lighter.

As I work from home, I spend a lot of time indoors in our flat, but no matter the weather, during the day I will go for a walk. Long/short (well be outside for at least 30min). Fresh air, hopefully sun and a little exercise will only do me good.Next tip or plan. Have something fun to look forward too. Last year I had a trip to LA in the end of March. I counted the days and just knowing that winter had an end on a specific day made it all just a little bit easier. This year I have no such trip planned, but another one that’s not quite as far away but will hopefully be way more exciting…A project or five. A project, sewing classes, which is something I have wanted to do since I saw a flier in Chicago last summer is finally happening!! Starting November, all you people in Prague who wants to learn how to sew – this is your chance!! I also have a few events I am planning right now, and as winter gets darker – the closer they get.

Last tip. Winter is long, dark and cold – yes. You know that, I know that, everyone knows that. Realize it will help you. Invest in a warm pair of boots, a cute scarf, a funky hat and double layered mittens and it will feel a lot better. And best of all, bring on the candles, the tea, all baked things and snuggle up with someone and before you know it, the snow is melting! What’s your best tip? Or are you one of those who just love winter?


One comment

  1. Suzanne

    Love your photos! Especially the umbrellas – adorable. :)

    I live in Michigan, & I survive winter by always making sure there’s a hot drink in my hand. Staying warm helps everything! :)

    I’m glad I found your blog this morning.

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