office space

I’m lucky enough to have three different places to work from. As I work from home it is really great. Computer work usually gets done at the kitchen table or from the couch. Sewing is in the living room and cutting fabric from the kitchen table as well. It’s great with a few spaces to alternate between, as I work on different projects all the time and need to switch once in a while. Make a inspirational board with project ideas and things that motivate you. Or simply just pretty things that you like looking at.

To stay focused I find it important to keep myself organized – everything is so much easier if you can find what you are looking for right away.

A comfortable chair is also a must!

Some nice books to browse when you want to take a break or just get some new ideas. Maybe while having some nice warm tea now when its chilly outside?!

pic 1&3 pic 2



  1. Suzanne

    Love the photos! I’m inspired to make my office space enticing again, I’ve been neglecting it since I (recently) switched to a laptop.

    Glad I found your blog today! :)

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