boom boom blooms!

In Stockholm, I have a few favorite spots. Blooms is one of them, a café that started off as a bakery and that has been there for at least 15 years. Me and my family moved to the area in -95 and I can remember buying their meringues one my way home from school.. Its the perfect place to meet up for a coffee, to spend some time working, or just sitting by the windows (or outside!) and people watching.. One time I made the big mistake of choosing the table by the window when I went for some thesis writing.. Let me just say that I don’t think I got more then one word down…

In March, the same morning as I flew to California, I met up with my sister and nephew for breakfast. Astrid and I have been meeting here for years for breakfast, as its not only the best place in town, but also right between her kids kindergarten and my parents flat. That’s also the first time I went after their big reconstruction – now its bigger, but still really cozy.


Its just the best! The staff is super nice, their coffee great, the atmosphere …. They have fresh baked bread all the time, as it is still a bakery in the back. You can even see right into it while they are baking! So, if you are ever in Stockholm, make sure you stop by for a coffee at Blooms! S:t Paulsgatan, Södermalm.

(and no, for those who wonders, this is not a sponsored post – I just love this place!)


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