monday monday

After a weekend with softball and beer drinking, its pretty nice to be back to normal life. I started the celebration with running both the washing machine and the dish washer :)

Well, most of the day I’ve spent going through my summer clothes and fall/winter clothes. Summer is moving out and fall is moving in. As a big lover of summer it feels a little bit sad, but considering how cold it was last night and how cold it is in our flat – I rather wear cashmere sweaters over a little summer dress, so, I’m ok.

Before this year is over, I am attending a few markets and have therefore decided do expand my line with some accessories. Shoe bags, make up bags and laundry bags for traveling.Some nice warm scarfs are also in the making, I need to order some more yarn soon! I also have an idea of knitting a sweater/cardigan for myself, but we’ll see about that. During my two last educations I have taken knitting classes, the first one was the traditional by hand and we made all kinds of patterns and things, and at University it was all on machines. Still kinda by hand, but not all of it. Hard to describe…

…and of course I couldn’t find any pictures at all from UNI. Oh well, use your imagination!

And if you can – look up Oh Laura’s song Friend like me – tried to find it on youtube, but nothing. Spotify sure has it.


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  1. Sandra

    Å så skönt att få iordning på garderoben – det behöver jag också göra nu i dagarna. Imorgon blir det intervju för inköpsassistent på Gekås i Ullared. :) Spännande. Kram

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