and the month was September

I can’t believe September is already over! It went so quickly its crazy! So, let’s take a little look on what happened this month…

When it started I was at the same place as I am now, Stockholm. September 1st I went for dinner with Annika at Vapiano. We were seated next to this couple whom we thought were on a first date. The guy made some strange joke about how we should switch. If I was his date, this is where I would have left…I stayed in Stockholm for another 5 days, and spent most of the time hanging out with the family.And then one early morning I flew to Paris!I spent a few days in Paris, hanging around with my friend Nina and her boyfriend. Nina used to live in Prague, and ever since she moved, she’s been nagging me to come visit. Oh well, a friend gotta do, what a friend gotta do.. After Paris, I went back to Prague where I enjoyed a few weeks of summer, studying and job hunting.Hung out with friends, walked around, saw a boat with very unhealthy looking smoke.. Ran some errands and got an idea to a project..And then all of a sudden it was time to go home again, but this time I took Jason with me! In Stockholm I found a magazine with my name (although its not a Swedish one).

We went to a wedding and this is what my face looked like. My hair was curly and all pretty for about 10 minutes…

Sunday night we went for Indian food at me and my parents favorite Indian restaurant where we have gone for at least 12 years or so. A few years ago they won the “gold dragon” (gulddraken) which is a pretty nice award to win in Stockholm.

And in the evening we lit a fire. Not because it was cold, cause it really wasn’t at all, but because its probably the coziest thing in the world.

We also had breakfast. Everything times two. A nice change from all my lonesome breakfasts in Stockholm :)

J’s last day we spent on bikes around town. I was terrified as the last time I was on a bike, I fell pretty bad right before a big roundabout. But, in the end it was a pretty ride. (and yes, of course we wore helmets!!)

And then Jason was gone and my mom and I went for a long walk. The idea was to see a new exhibition with Russian emperors but as the weather was great, the exhibition would run for another 4 months or so, we decided to put it on hold and enjoy the weather instead. Overlooking the water we sat and talked about all kinds of things.

The Modern Museums outdoor art.

And then it was time for me to leave to pick this young little lovely lady up. As I came to the playground where she was playing with her friends, she turned around, saw me, came running towards me calling out “my Stella!”. Yes. I kinda wanted to cry.

And that was it for September! October started a few days ago, I am back in Prague where the weather seems to be having some issues whether its summer or fall. I love summer, but I feel that its time for fall now.


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