I am a tourist and this is my city

Being in your own home town, that you left over 5 years ago sometimes gives you a very strange feeling. I’m home but at the same time not at all. I know the streets back wards, but not the new places.

We went to Stockholm mainly for two reasons and these two beautiful people were one of them.Saturday afternoon, under a wonderful fall sun, they said “I do”!

….When we woke up on Sunday morning, my plans of having champagne just two hours later, did not feel like that great of a plan.

But as soon as everything was fixed, and 3/4 of the guests had arrived, it all felt very very nice. My little sister was missing as well as my nephew but I guess getting everyone together when we live in Prague, isn’t always the easiest. Afterwards, we went for a little walk and ended up at a place over looking the water. Pretty, wonderful, insanely expensive city.


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