Now when its gone, I know I’ll miss it

Its been raining and over cast for the last few days here, and with that and the chilly winds even when the sun occasionally comes out, I know that summer is over and fall is here.

I love summers, it’s my favorite season and even though I am a little sad to see it leave, I am also thrilled for this fall and winter. Major things will happen this fall, first out is graduation… I’ve been in school more or less since I was 6 1/2 so it feels very strange that its about to be over. Ok, honestly, I can’t wait cause I am sooo tired of studying (and with that said, I know I’ll miss it soon enough). I have a couple of other major things lined up within the next few months, but I’ll share them as they come along.
However, back to the summer. Its been a great one. It kinda started already in March when we left a cold and snowy Prague to spend two weeks in the States, starting with one week in California. Even though it wasn’t as hot as I had hoped for, it was far warmer then Prague was, and I could still wear dresses and shorts, so. I was happy.When we came back it was spring and my little sister was here shooting for a school project while I finished up for a big fashion event.

I also went to Stockholm for a few days in the beginning of the summer. It was great, but as always – too short. But, I had some time for breakfast on my parents balcony..

One day I looked this nice when I was taking the elevator. (obviously more then that..)

Then we went to Spain for a week..Then it was back to Prague again and I spent almost a month here, before I left for London……and then to Stockholm….….and then Paris!So, this summer I’ve traveled quite a bit, and its been very nice. Now, the last month I have done a lot of work with my collections, producing one and designing the other, which obviously has been a lot of fun. I’ve also got totally hooked on BBC’s show – Miranda.


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