it dosen’t always rain in London

My day started so freaking early, my alarm was set for 3:30. I kid you not. Well, once in London it was way colder than I had expected and packed for, so I walked around for a bit, had a coffee (and was considering taking a nap…) before I hit the center & Oxford street where I found a sweater and some other things.. I’ll show you later!

An umbrella store

London isn’t really known for its weather, and whilst I had coffee it was raining, but luckily stopped before I went out again. All of a sudden the sun was out, I had gotten a salad from a really nice salad bar, so I went to St James Square where I ate and relaxed in the sun, very very nice!I passed a small Laudree shop, kinda wanted to get all of the macrons

Then I continued my walk to Big Ben. It was a little funny cause I knew I was close, and then I turn around this building and BOOM, there it was. Have you been to London and seen it up close? Well, there’s a reason its called Big Ben..

..and then the London eye.

Then I walked “home”, changed and went out to meet up with a friend I got to know in Prague, but who’s now living in London (lucky her…) We had a lot of fun and it was great catching up!

And then I walked back and about 2 seconds later I was sleeping! Today my friend Ellinor is coming, which will be a blast!


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