I need some fine wine, and you, you need to be nicer

Yesterday I met up with my friend Natalie for some wine at Sahara, and a few hours of nothing but proper girl talk was exactly what I needed. Right before leaving, she handed me the last issue of Swedish Elle, ah heaven!

Once home again, J and I went out for thai food, and as I realized its been a little empty here on the blog lately, I quickly snapped a pic of our dessert, a very delicious chocolate mousse cake!

Today the sun is finally shining again, I have a bread dough rising on the counter and I set up a new place for working in the kitchen. However, I think I’ll go either to a cafe or the library later, just to get some change.

What are you up to today?

ps, title is cardigans great song with the same name.


One comment

  1. Siri

    sv: Jag är så frusen av mig så jag behöver en riktigt varm och go jacka – tycker att luvan ser så himla mysig ut :)

    Vi har fått en tvåa på Stora Essingen, mysigt! Mammas väns dotter som ska bo i London 2 år, perfekt! Hihi detsamma! Kram

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