calzone in the sun

Phua! So much work, but finally I just took the calzone out from the oven, and it smells delicious!

They are filled with spinach, tomato sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms. Just realized I wanted to put some sun dried tomatoes in there as well. Hm. Next time.

When I stopped stirring in the pots and pans, and kneading the dough I looked out of the window, and look! The sun is out!

How are you spending your Sunday evening? Did you have a nice weekend? I’ve had a very relaxing one, although as usual I wish I would have gotten more done. Oh well – there’s a new day tomorrow!


Update! Calzone was sooo good!!



  1. Siri

    Mums! :)

    sv: Nytt löfte inför hösten är att använda läppstift varje dag, hihi, det piggar verkligen upp! :) Och jag är verkligen kär i Diors som sitter som berget!

    Ohh så snygg outfit – den ska du LÄTT köra på! Bara att springa till närmaste butik och shoppa ett par röda bralls :D Kram!

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