(almost) right now

I left the flat for some study time at one of my favorite bar/cafés. I think the best part about is it that the you can sit on the roof in these cool loungy chairs. Internet is a bit so so up there, so this post that I meant to do there, will instead be posted from home. Oh well. The girl was new and gave me a rather odd looking cappuccino with whipped cream on top (after meat, probably the only thing I can’t eat. ok, so squid comes before whipped cream, but you get the point..). Luckily, very short another employee came up, apologized about a million times for the mistake, and shortly after he once again came up with a good cup. Ahh. He was so sweet, and said the girl was new and of course I said no problem and don’t worry and hey, I’ve been new too.

I’m back home and I’m hoping the caffiene will keep me going for just a little while longer, so that I can get some work done before the weekend is here! What are your plans for tonight? Anything fun? J is working, so maybe I’ll swing by to listen to some live music.

My ring from topshop resting whilst I was typing like a maniac…



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