travel light

Tomorrow, we’re flying to Spain for one week and I am so excited! As we are flying with a low cost airline (which in the end didn’t turn out to be so low cost..) we’re traveling light and are only bringing carry on’s. Easier said then done, so this morning I have carefully planned outfits for both daytime as well as nighttime. What you wear at the beach is not really what you wanna wear in a tapas restaurant in Barcelona..

First thing to keep in mind is to bring things that you can use at least twice. A cute pair of black shorts works well during the day with a tank top or shirt, and at night, with heels, a nice top and some jewellery and you’re good to go!

My best tips for a summer vacation are:

1. Shorts.

2. A button down shirt.

You will not only look nice, but it also protects your shoulders while in the sun..

3. Pants. For this trip, I’ll bring a black pair of linen ones I got not too long ago. You’ll look good and stylish while traveling, plus not every night might be warm enough for bare legs.

4. t-shirt, tank tops. Matchable with the shorts and the pants. I’m bringing a peach one, and my favorite striped one.

5. Summer dress and nice dress. I have packed a white thin one for beach days, and my favorite LBD.

6. swim wear. goes without saying if you’re planning a trip to the beach.

On top of this I’m bringing a pair of sandals & 1 pair of nicer heels, a brown braided leather belt and some accessories like rings and earrings for evenings.

I hung up all the outfits (one for day, one for evening) and took a few pics with my camera, that way I can just check them for inspiration. Also, keep in mind what you’ll wear and when and pack suitable underwear for it. I was at a wedding in California this spring, and it was very last minute when I realized the underwear I brought wasn’t really great for the dress. Luckily America is a great place for shopping! ;)

I hope you found these little tips helpful! Enjoy your trip and don’t forget sunblock!



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