dinner at sahara

It seems like all I do these days is to go out for dinner and drinks. Its not quite true. Yesterday I spent some nice time with J, we hung out in the sun before we went for lunch and massages. This morning I’ve spent some time applying for a job, looking up flight tickets as well as having breakfast. Normal stuff, you know.

However, yesterday I went for dinner with Annika at one of her favorite spots, Sahara. We sat out on their balcony until it was so windy I kinda felt like we would fly away.

Once inside, we sat on this really cosy couch and the coffee table had a book, and even though this picture came out really bad, for me its such an inspiration. I’d love to have a small little house in Italy one day, and this picture will remind me of that dream, to push me to look for a good job, so that I can fulfill that dream.. cheesy, isn’t? ;)

Sahara has a very tastefully, asian inspired decor, but after taking a few shots, a waiter told us we were not allowed to take pictures…



  1. Sandra

    Hej vännen :)
    Hur mår du? Jag tror också att det kan vara bra att sakna lite imellanåt men det kommer nog bli lite halvjobbigt ändå eftersom han kommer att befinna sig på andra sidan jordklotet. Ja vi var i London i början av juni, en underbar stad, jag ska försöka slänga ihop ett Londoninlägg när jag får lite tid över. :) Ska du dit med Jason? Kramar

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