let’s go for a drink high up in the sky

My friend from Sweden is here and last night we and two friends of her, went out for a little girl’s night. We went to Hilton’s sky bar, cloud 9.

I ordered something that ended with ….”in the garden” and was consisting of fresh apple juice, gin, lime and something else. Turned out that the apples had a long way to travel before they got into my glass, so guess who scored a free cocktail! Very nice!

On our way out, we had to take some cheesy pics, here’s me (black pumps, greyish jeans, pink top and black jacket)

…and then an elevator pic!

the pink top is from our last trip to the states, J’s 3-year old niece sat in the cart her mother pushed, and we were out shopping, when they roll up to me and with her cute little voice she says “I think you would look really nice in this”. I almost died, and headed straight to the counter :)



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