don’t worry about yesterday

Yesterday it was so hot here. I came home after a lovely breakfast at one of Prague’s oldest places – Café Savoy with my friend Annika who’s here for a week. I was unpacking and trying to get the flat a bit more organized and I had to change into shorts and all the windows were open and here and there I would catch a tiny little breeze.

Late in the evening, it started to thunderstorm and rain like there was no tomorrow.. We live on the 4th floor now, with just the attic apartments over us, but from the living room & kitchen you can see over the roof tops. The view is not really great unless you really look out, but it gets direct sunlight in the mornings and the flat is very bright which is one of my main things when flat hunting. Anyways, I tried snapping some pics of the thunder, but it was hard, however, this one is from laying on the couch, and it looks like its daylight, but it was actually 10pm or so.

I was a little uncomfortable, this whole summer, we have gotten a lot of really hot days, but as soon as the day starts to turn into evening, the skies gets really, really dark and it rains and thunderstorms for a bit. The rain continued during the night, and I think my last thought before sleeping was if my plants would survive…

I changed the night light a little, doesn’t it look pretty?



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