bathroom favorites

J and I moved in to our new flat last night (after a full day at the pool – yes, we were totally exhausted post pool + move!) and I really, really like this new place of ours, but since we just moved it is still pretty messy.. However, the bathroom is bright and big, with two windows in it and also the only room that is fixed..

Here are some of my favorite things that you’ll find in there now…

Bath sugars and caviar’s, I usually pick a few, mix them and my bath smells like a sweet candy shop!

bath oils makes your skin super smooth!

too nice to use – soap. gift from my mom who said I would only get it if I used it.. Does sniffing it once in a while count?

I love these tins! This one holds my hair elastics and bobby pins!

Last but not the least – my all time favorite for your hair! Tony & Guy’s tame it serum. Add the amount of a very small child’s first tooth and add to dry hair and it will, in the best possible way, never be the same again!

Which ones are your favorite products?


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